Promoting Change in UU Attitudes and Policies About Clergy Sexual Misconduct

We believe that Unitarian Universalism can be a faith for the 21st century. But the damage done by those in positions of trust, power, and authority is as much a part of our heritage as are our beloved Principles and Purposes — and this must be dealt with honestly and forthrightly in a spirit of love and compassion.

In the wake of our petition of May 2013, we have begun to work with the UUA board and staff. We are deeply grateful to a be part of a new day of sunlight and transparency that our leaders are starting to usher in with their bold and courageous leadership. We stand ready to companion them on this journey of unabashed faith in all-encompassing love.

In the News

Trauma and Clergy Sexual Misconduct

In recent months, members of Safety Net have become increasingly aware of the significance of trauma in the wake of sexual abuse within UU ministerial relationships. Arguably trauma can extend not only to affected congregations, but also to the denomination as a whole.


Reflections on the UUA After-Pastor Conference

Personal Reflections by Doug Pasto-Crosby on the After-Pastor Conference. WOW. I would never have believed that I would ever use the words Ministerial Misconduct, excitement and positive energy in the same sentence. Yet that is how I felt after the conference….


A Report on the After-Pastor Conference

A Report for the FUUN Board from the After-Pastor Conference by Susan Johnston. I am so grateful to have been able to attend this conference. I understood that it would be intense and important, but was blown away by the powerful, healing community that grew among the congregations represented as we learned and healed together….


UU World Covers Clergy Misconduct

The latest issue of the UU World, Winter 2014, includes as part of a “Special Report” an article about UU clergy sexual misconduct and its aftermath: Reforms take aim at clergy misconduct (pages 30-32 of the print edition). Our deepest gratitude goes to the staff of the UU World not just for their research, compilation, and […]


Rev. Seavey Highlights Misconduct Work

Thank you to the Rev. Gail Seavey, who this week in her much-read weekly email column discussed this work as follows: When you visit other UU congregations you quickly discover that each one is unique. Most of us define Unitarian Universalism as “what they do” at our home congregation. I did until I was discerning […]


Safety Net Redesign

We are delighted to announce the redesign of this website. We have rebuilt it from the ground up to be more interactive and mobile-friendly.