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Alternatively, you may call the church office at 615-383-5760.

4 Responses

  1. Erin Kenworthy says:

    I need to talk with someone about what is already in place for a potential reporting of CSM. I’d like to be prepared with information for a congregation where the incident may have happened and what the best practices are around reporting, supporting the parties involved, and bringing clarity. Do you have a guidance package for congregations that are dealing with CSM, or who may in the future? Particularly interested in existing scripts for breaking the news in the community.

  2. Rev. Xolani Kacela says:

    I’d like to contribute some time to this vital ministry. It is powerful and necessary.

  3. Rick Klimowicz says:

    I have experienced bad behavior (reactivity, manipulation, secrets, lies, triangulation, boundary pushing, bullying, threats, and power struggles) in a UU congregation where there may have been misconduct. Has there ever been studies of how some women and men entering or in the UU ministry mistreat their church staff, including male staff?

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