The Sacred Listening Process

The Sacred Listening Process is intended to be the foundation of a national conversation on UU clergy sexual misconduct that Safety Net called for in our petition on We believe that heart-felt listening is not only the basis for any true conversation, but is also the critical component to breaking the silence that surrounds sexual assault of all kinds.

The idea for this process came from an interview of David Isay, the founder of StoryCorps. We have loosely based the Sacred Listening Process on a StoryCorps model. We are currently (spring of 2015) doing a pilot project version of it.

We will be presenting the Sacred Listening Process and results from the pilot project at the UUA’s General Assembly 2015 workshop #221 (10:45 AM, Thursday, June 25, Oregon Ballroom 204). The workshop will formally open the national conversation on clergy sexual misconduct. We hope to see many of you there.



  • Denise Rimes

Pilot Project Team

  • Denise Rimes, Team Lead
  • Joanna Carnahan
  • Anna Belle Leiserson, Team Lead, Jan. 2015 – June 2015
  • Doug Pasto-Crosby
  • Sara Plummer, Safety Net Chair
  • The Rev. Gail Seavey
  • The Rev. Jason Shelton
  • Tedra Walden